Cybersecurity threats and online attacks like ransomware, malware, or DDoS are inevitable and constantly try to find vulnerabilities to hack and infect websites. However, out of these many attacks, malware attack is the one attack that is found in the website’s HTML files, database, PHP files, and other areas.

These malware attacks do a great deal of damage to websites; hence, detecting them as early as possible is extremely important. One security solution to detect and remove malware from your website is— SiteLock Security.

Many web hosting service companies offer SiteLock Security solutions to prevent websites against online security threats. This article will show what SiteLock is and how you can remove malware and protect your website for utmost security.

What is SiteLock?

SiteLock Website Security is a cloud-based website security scanning and malware detection tool. It protects your website’s database from online security threats and attacks.

SiteLock scans websites to detect threats like malware injections, bot attacks, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, and other harmful traffic at an early stage before these attacks harm your website and threaten its security.

Besides this feature, it also fixes website vulnerabilities and bugs to keep them up to date and reduce the chances of getting compromised by online security threats.

What are the benefits of SiteLock, and how does it remove malware from your website? 

SiteLock Security protects your website by scanning the network, applications, database, and files to check for the presence of any bugs, vulnerabilities, or malicious codes.

If detected, SiteLock removes these codes and malware automatically from your website.

Here is how SiteLock Website Security protects your website against malware:

  • 24/7 daily malware scanning and removal 

SiteLock ensures daily website scanning and monitoring to detect malware and remove if any. Moreover, it also consists of a TrueShield firewall that blocks harmful traffic from accessing and getting into your website and provides security against SQL injection and attacks like XSS Scripting.

  • Network and application scanning 

SiteLock Website Security scans your website network, files, and applications and protects your database and web-app security.

  • Improves website page loading speed 

Since SiteLock comes pre-equipped with TrueSpeed CDN (Content Delivery Network), it improves your website’s page loading speed and performance— increasing customer experience.

  • Boosts website SEO performance

With SiteLock, you do not have to worry about website downtimes because of malware attacks or other online threats. It allows your website to achieve greater SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performance and higher search engine rankings. This also ensures blacklist protection for your website.

  • Builds customer trust and satisfaction 

SiteLock Security comes with a trust seal— ensuring visitors and customers that their sensitive data is in the right and safe hands, building business credibility, and longer customer relationships.


Thus, SiteLock Website Security scan is an efficient, secure, and affordable way to detect any malware presence on your website and remove it automatically.

Besides removing malware, SiteLock also offers much more reliable benefits, including increased page speed, performance, higher uptime, greater security, and enhanced customer trust.

Therefore, get in touch with a reliable web hosting provider that offers secure and cost-effective SiteLock Security plans for your business reliability, trust, credibility, and of course, security.

Marshall Garrix